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The Dorothy Hill Collection at Chico State University

Dorothy worked with the Maidu people for much of her professional life. Her photos and notes, along with the notes and recordings of her friend Bob Rathbun are archived at the Library of the California State University at Chico. To see the wealth of material in this collection, click this link and, for example, search for "bear dance".

Visit the Mountain Meadows Conservancy

Help them help us preserve and protect our sacred places

Click this link to meet other hand game (stick game) players, and find out where and when the games are being played.

PLAY Virtual Handgame

This game takes some time to download, but you can hear some gambling songs and practice your guessing. Sorry, this game doesn't work with Netscape, but it will work with Internet Explorer and Firefox with the right plug-ins.

Follow the World Maker's trail .

The Plumas National Forest Service shows you how to get to some of World Maker's places by car.

Quest for Tribal Acknowledgement

Read this true account of the Honey Lake Maidu's interactions with the federal government as they struggle for tribal recognition - or at least acknowledgement.. Order online from


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